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Genealogical researches
genealogical researches

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Andrianov’s family.
      Who they are to us? Who they are in general? What is known about this branch of our (?) family?
      There is a postcard that Kostya (Konstantin Sergeevich) Andrianov has written to my grandmother (14 years old that time) Ekaterina Vasilevna Letova in 1913 from SPb to Moscow. In that card Kostya sent greetings ‘to the grandmother’ and ‘the aunt’ and signed: ‘your loving brother Konstantin‘. And he wrote this card after he had returned from Moscow where he stayed in Katya's family home.

     Well, he can’t be her brother really, but he can be a cousin or a half-cousin. Who were ‘the grandmother’ and ‘the aunt’ for him?  In that family lived few women in that time: Katya’s sisters (and, then, and Konstantin’s sisters, isn’t it?), their mother Letova (Surikova) Evdokia Vasilevna, and Evdokia’s mother (Katya’s grandmother) Pelageya Surikova. It meanes that Katya’s mother, Evdokia Vasilevna was the aunt for Konstantin, and her mother Pelageya Surikova was Konstantin’s grandmother  (or great-aunt.) 
It seems that we have found out everything. But something is not clear: it was known in our family, that Evdokia had 2 elders (Evdokia was the youngest child in the family) brothers   Ivan and Jacob and one elder sister Pelageya (Polya) lived in Egoryevsk (where Evdokia has got acquainted with her future husband Vasily Letov.)  Pelageya had the daughter Anna, married for A.Kondratev (the partner of V.A.Letov in the Trading House). Who was that an unfamiliar sister?

    However, the correspondence with Konstantin and with his brother Nikolay was continued. There are a few Konstantin's pictures made when he was at Letov’s summer residence in Bakovka in the summer of 1929. There is Ekaterina's photo, Semenova already, with "nephew" (as it was written on a card) Leonid Nikolaevich Andrianov, the son of Nikolay Andrianov.
Sometimes Nikolay Andrianov's descendants (his grandsons and great-grandsons) come from Ufa, but they do not know anything about their ancestors, more precisely, they don’t know more than I....
   Let's try to understand ourselves.
   If Konstantin Sergeevich Andrianov called Evdokia Vasilevna Letov (Surikov) ‘the aunt’, it means his mother had a sister named Evdokia. (his ‘aunt’ may be  the sister of his mother only, never his father sister, because his father last name was not Surikov, but Andrianov) It means there was one more Evdokia sister.
I went to the Central Historical Archive of Moscow and watched a lot of confessions and metric books and censuses... I have found! There was one more sister - Paraskeva, elder then Evdokia but younger then Pelageya. I have found 2 elder daughters of Evdokia's parents that were mentioned in ‘the household censuses of Timshinskaya volost of Volokolamskiy district of the Moscow province in1869’ – ‘Pelageya 5 years and Paraskeva of 1 year’.

   Probably, it is required Konstantin’s mother. But maybe there was one more Evdokia’s sister (Evdokia was born in 1879) - younger then Pelagei and Paraskeva and elder then Evdokia.

Also, as it was spoken in our family, Andrianovs were moved to Ufa from Zlatoust, where they were merchants.
Let's search further....

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